Cable Wire

Cable Wire

Recycling of wire cables not only safeguards and conserves valuable resources, but it also significantly reduces energy use. Metal recycling in cables and wire consumes a fraction of the energy necessary to mine and extract ore in the first place. Among the many different types of cables available are flexible wire cables, residential cables, power cables, underground cables, copper and aluminum cables and high-voltage cables. In scrap copper wire recycling wires are processed into copper and plastic granules, and then cooper is separated from plastic with great efficiency. Collected copper can be sold directly or can be send for further refining process.

To obtain a quote, simply give a call and we’ll ask you a few lead questions to establish the potential worth of your steel scrap.

One of our goals is to give you the best returns for your steel scrap. In addition, we offer free pickup services of the steel scrap.

Do I get cash for scrap?

Yes, we pay cash for any type of scrap.

Are you working on weekends?

Yes, we are working on Saturday.

Do you have scale with yourself?

Yes, we have electronic scale with us. We weight your material and pay cash for scrap on the spot.

What type of metal scrap do you collect?

We collect all kind of metal scrap containing COPPER, BRASS, ALUMINIUM, LEAD, etc.

Do you have collection service to wide Melbourne or outside of VIC?

Yes, we offer collection service in and around Melbourne region.