Copper Scrap

Copper Scrap

We buy all type of Copper Scrap and in any quantity. Copper has been used by humans since centuries. Ancient utility of copper metal was limited to household stuff. But with advent of industrialization the metal has been used widely used across the industries. Copper Scrap can find everywhere around us. From small tools, electronics gadget, appliances, cars to large electrical infrastructure, copper has been defacto metal. We pay top price for your Copper Scrap. Every home has around 500gms of copper metal used in various electrical wires, cables and motors. Copper is rarest metal which is 100% recyclable hence it help to preserve environmental.

To obtain a quote, simply give a call and we’ll ask you a few lead questions to establish the potential worth of your steel scrap.

One of our goals is to give you the best returns for your steel scrap. In addition, we offer free pickup services of the steel scrap.

Do I get cash for scrap?

Yes, we pay cash for any type of scrap.

Are you working on weekends?

Yes, we are working on Saturday.

Do you have scale with yourself?

Yes, we have electronic scale with us. We weight your material and pay cash for scrap on the spot.

What type of metal scrap do you collect?

We collect all kind of metal scrap containing COPPER, BRASS, ALUMINIUM, LEAD, etc.

Do you have collection service to wide Melbourne or outside of VIC?

Yes, we offer collection service in and around Melbourne region.